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These are additional pictures of the different kinds of non-recognized breeds, that this organization supports here in the U.S.


This is a "White Crested Red" Merino version of the Merino breed.   Selfs and Brokens will be showble, too.  This one is unbrushed out in this picture (they're brushed out in England), something which has to be considered, if we want to show them. 


An Alpaca, unlike many other countries, our U.S. standard wants to emphasis the ringlets and curls when being exhibited.  In many other countries they are brushed out giving them the appearance of being frizzy. With it's curly coat, like that of the Texel, the Alpaca has bang like a Peruvian. 


An (English) Blue Merino adult, with a very good crest.  Magnificant animal.  We need to work toward producing this quality here in the U.S.  This variety would be shown here as a Tri Roan Merino.  Owner Roy & Caroline Humphreys of Caroca Cavies in England.


Red/Wht Sheba Mini Yak (long haired Aby).  They are a long haired breed, like a Peruvian, but has extra rosettes, off setting the flat appearance of the more popular version on the U.S. judging table (Peruvian).


Chocolate Alpaca, this one was brushed out.  You can barely see the waves in the coat?  Owners are Roy & Caroline Humphreys of Caroca Cavies in England.  This breed is slowly coming around in popularity here in this country as time as goes by.  But on the opposite side of this photo page, you will see one displayes as it would be entered here in a show.