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ADVISORS (Certification Degree):  Sheri Ripple, Billi Falls, Nancy Peyton, Sierra Wilkie, Michele Attebury, Wen Preston, Marlena Anderson (others pending)
Advisor are not licensed as judges with the American Rabbit Breeders Association to judge their sanction shows.  They are only certified by this organization to judge non-recognized breeds and varieties, only. 
To obtain a degree, contact Wen Preston at

Current Leaders as of (up to March 21, 2005)
Director (President)  Nancy Peyton (FL)
1st Councilor (Board of Director)  Michelle Attebury (OK)
2nd Councilor (Board of Director) Marlena Anderson (KY)
Secreatary\Treasurer - Wen Preston (FL)
District Councilors -
1 - (Ohio, Penn., Indiana, Montana, others pending) Sheri Ripple
2 - (South Carolina, Maryland, DC, North Carolina, Georgia, Tenn, Virginia, others pending) Bill Falls 
3 - (Florida, Alabama, Lousianna others pending) Sierra Wilkie
4 - (California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada, Arizona others pending) OPEN
5 - (Utah, WY, Idaho others pending) OPEN
6 - (Texas, NM, OK, CO others pending) OPEN