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North Florida Cavy Fanciers

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About Us

In  The  Beginning
We were first organized in Orlando, Florida by Dia Lock and Diane Deffendal, back in the Spring of 1983.  We gained our chartership as a club in 1984.  We had our first cavy show in Christmas, Florida that year.  Jim McCorpin (Texas) was our judge.  Robin Martin took Best In Show with a White Crested American. 
We stayed in Orlando for a year but in 1985, our headquarters were moved from Orlando to Jacksonville.  In 2005, our headquarters is located not far from Jacksonville, but in Callahan where our new current Sec/Trea resides.
Current Officers:
President: Carol Bolin (North Carolina)  (910) 860-1339
Vice-President: David Peyton
Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Peyton (North FL)  (904) 879-0405
Board of Directors:
Brice & Linda Korte (AL)
Zell Von Pohlman (Jax. FL)

See my Blue Eyes !


I'm a Dark Eyed (Blue) White Coronet sow named "Angel".  I come out of Canadian bloodline, "Red Rock" Heather Baskey.  I'm a royal pig, see my crown on my head.  

Things We Have Done

Starting back in 1990 till 1995, we sponsored a double show on Saturday and a single YOUTH show on Sunday near the end of April each year.  We also sponsored a dress-up show for the general public on Sunday. These special events were held at the River City Kids Day (fairground) in Jacksonville, Florida.  We would have two out of state judges for all the shows.  Those were the good old days!
Meanwhile, we've held shows at Flea Markets, Shopping Malls, Agricultural Building, Parks, Recreational Centers (Miami), out of towns, and many many more places. 
We've done educational displays in Malls, 4 Hs, Flea Markets, Hospital, Fairs, Elementary and Junior High Schools, Senior Citizens' Homes, and so many other places.
We've held meetings in fast food diners, restraurants, and libraries. Now we meet during sponsored shows. 
We've done Television programs, news paper articles, and TV interviews.
We've sponsored FASHION shows each year at one of our local malls with themes such as: Bisney on Parade, Boscar Award, and a Wedding scene.  Not only were costumes designed and made but props and a back drops were made.  They were so much fun.  Everyone including the TV channels had to get a glimpse of it.

There's more to do with your cavy than to sit him inside his cage and look at him.