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About Us

About Us
Rare Varieties and Breeds

Rare Varieties & Breeds Group


Above is a picture of our newest accepted variety, for Americans only, called "Tans".  They are marked similiar to an Agouti except this variety doesn't have any tickling on their body.  There is some ticking that is allowed in certain areas but mostly there is no ticking.  They are very well represented on the table and many breeders are working on them.  The picture of these Tans belong to Tracey Iverson
To see more pictures and learn all about the "Tans" click on the link below and visit Iverson's web site. 
Our organization started back in 2003 by a judge who wanted to bring a ring of fancy breeders together that was dedicated to promote their rare varieties and breeds in their area.  Thus a web site was made and a special message board was started for them so they could chat and share their accomplishes with one another.  Here is the link to those site so you can visit and take a look at it.  If you would like to post something about your animals you would have to join.  It's easy.  Take a look and see for yourself how wonderful we all really are. 

"You're so special"