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Rare Varieties and Breeds

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Rare Varieties and Breeds

Rare Varieties & Breeds Group

Different varieties for rare in different areas.  Join our Group and find out how rare your animals is.   

Cream Brokens - Long hairs

In Florida, this is very rare.  The breeder - Nancy Peyton (Carrousel Caviary north FL) is specialize in them Americans, Peruvians, Silkies, and Teddies.  She is currently working on them in Coronets, too.  There are other breeders across the U.S. also working on them like Brittany Proctor-Fellows of Utah.

Blue eyed White Coronet

What a beautiful pig this it?  Can you see her eye color good on your screen.  They are baby blue.  I almost died when I saw her.  She was owned by Sierra Wilkie of north Florida (youth). Guess what her name is?  "Angel"  of course.  I bet you haven't seen hardly any Dark Eyed White like this one?   

Himilayan Teddies

These are Himilayan Teddies.  Cathy Crosby, of California, is working closely with this breed and variety.   She has done well showing them.  Peg Smith of Alaska is also working with others to promote them. 
It's very hard to work with this variety as they are born completely White, but by six months, their nose and feet and ears become Black.  This makes it very hard to determine, at birth  which ones to keep and which ones to cull.   So breeders must be patience, determined, and very dedicated to breed the perfect Himilayan.  It is challenging and very rewarding.


Hats off to these breeders!

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