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Here are some pictures of our varieties which we've downloaded off the internet and got from some of our Board members. 


The Sable is unique that it's darker on the nose, ears, and feet almost like a Himalyan marked variety.  They also come in Lilac Sable and Silver Martin Sable.  Owner of this animal is in Florida by the name of Sierra Wilkie (youth and member).  Thanks for the picture, Sierra.


Silver Martin is exactly like a Tan marked animal.  The variety is being presented in the U.S. for it's first showing on Nov 2004.  They are unique in the fact that they have White eye circles and a White belly band.  Black Tan has Red, Chocolate has Red, and the Lilac has Orange.  BUT.... we accept them even with Cream.  Hur-ray for the Silvers.


This is a "one of a kind" variety, a Red/Cream/Wht Satin Crested American.  We are accepting Broken Crested Americans, including Satins.  But this variety is genetically impossible except for this one.  Strange how flukes can appear.  I think it's gorgeous, if you ask me.  If you have one, let us know.  We'll accept them. 


Chocolate/Cream Harliquin, these markings are typical of the Magpie (splashes) but it's not Black with White.  It will be shown with the Magpigs.  See the Magpie on the next page.  Variation in colors: Cho/Red, Beige/Orange, Beige/Cream, Cho/Cream, Agouti versions, Lilac/Cream, Lilac/Oranges will all be listed as Harliquin.  Any color with Wht will be shown as Magpie. 


This is a combination of Lilac light/dark Lilac/Orange/Wht Mosaic variety.  A very unusal variety.  This would include variation with Chocolate/Chocolate Roan/Red/Wht.  A promising variety for the future.  Isn't it just beautiful?