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Here are a few pictures of our breeds which were gathered off the internet and from members of our Board.


The Skinny is an almost hairless pig.  Originating in Canada, the piglets are born hairless (unlike the Baldwin which is born with all it's hair and then loses it).  They have a little bit of hair on their nose, ears, and feet.  This breed is growing in popularity very fast.  Owner is Brittany Proctor-Bellows of Utah.  


The Satin Coronet, both in White Crested (as this one is shown) and Broken varieties, are Coronets that shine....shine....shine.  They are already here in the U.S.  This one is owned by Roy & Caroline Humphreys of Caroca Cavies in England.  We are very proud of this breed. 


The Merino is a cross between a Coronet and a Texel.  It is shown with it's ringlet like curls, and not brushed out like this picture.  They are brushed out in England along with the Alpaca.  Much work is being done to improve the depth of the crest on their forehead.  It is magnificant!


This is a Wht Satin Crested American.  Owner Jo Livingston of Canberry, Australia (picture by Michelle P. of Malibu Cavy Stud - Australia)  And what a fine representitive for this breed, too.  Rare beyond rare.  We hope to encourage the showing of this breed in the future.  This one is just magnificent!  Thanks Michelle for the use of this picture.


The Ridgeback was created as a result of crossing an Abyssinian and an American.  It; unfortunately, doesn't breed true.  But, it is popping up all across the U.S. and we support any breeders that have them.  Go Ridgy, go! 


The Baldwin is one of our Hairless breeds.  It is born with hair and starts losing all of it's fur at the age of a month old.  This one is a Black.  Ugly little creatures and very pricey right now.  Special care has to be given to these to prevent them from getting cold.  "Hey, baldies!"