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National Non-Recognized Cavy Club
Breeds and Varieties
Breeds and Varieties
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Alpaca brushed out
10 Breeds:
Crested Amercian
Satin Coronet
Crested Teddy
Satin Texel
Addy (also known by another name) 
These also come in Satins.
These will be accepted in the recognized varieties and the non-recognized varieties.

9  Varieties:
Dilute Brindle
Golden (Orange with dark eyes only)
Buff (with pink eyes - super dark Cream)
Tan breeds (in any other breed except American) will be accepted in Black, Lilac, Chocolate, Beige. and Slate including the Silver Martin or Fox variety. It has the same markings.) 
Marble (4 colors including any one color being Brindled or Roan)
Dalmatian (Tri & Agouti)
Slate also called 'Blue' (or pink eyed Slates)
Harliquin & Magpie (together) Cho/Cream Harliquin shown at right.
Broken Roan & Brindle

Skinnies are the only possible breed we can present to ARBA for acceptance.  They do fall under the two difference catagory: No hair except on nose and feet, and Pot Belly will be allowed and preferred.  So a standard is being written up for them.  If you would like for these to be presented SHOW THEM!  And you might be able to get a Certificate of Breedership with ARBA once the standard has be voted on by our membership.   Go Skinnies !!!!!!!