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Secret Tips On Raising Cavies

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No  Secrets  Here
I run because I am afraid.
Speak to me before you pick me up.
a)  Cavies can handle the cold air, it's the heat that's the killer.
b)  Don't touch the cavy if you or someone in your household has a cold.  Cavies are very subceptable to human colds.
c) Parasites are easy to eradicate but keep them dusted with Sevin Dust #5 to prevent infestationsl.  Sprinkle it on them and around their bedding.  Don't let your cavy walk around on the floor if you have others pet who have fleas.  If heavy infestated - get Ivermetic paste from your feed store or from our vet to treat internally.
d) Check toenails and teeth every 3-6 months.  Get a professional to trim them if neccesary.
e) Check older boars for impactions.  Get professional help if this occurs.  Don't breed this boar to sows as he will pass the infection onto her.
f) Lance abcesses and seek a vet or a professional to treat them.
g) Life span is between 5-8 years.  They can live longer but the average life span is 5-6 years.
h) Cavies don't need a companion.  If yo don't have the time or attention to give one DON'T get another one to keep it company.  Keep a 'one on one' relationship with ONE cavy.  You won't regret it.
i) Seek a club to learn more about them.  Find a professional vet, who specializes in cavies or find a fancier and ask questions. 
j) There is no such thing as giving too much attention your pet.  The more the happier your cavy will be.

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