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  • Judging Fee: None
  • Transportation: I have no preference to which airline.  I can even go by bus.  I do prefer the club to purchase the travel tickets.  If flown in, I don't  mind one flight change but not more than one, please.  Make sure they provide a wheel chair as I can not walk long distant at the airports. I have one leg longer than the other one.  I can walk short distances. 
  • Hotels: I'm not picky about hotels.  I can stay with    family  member.
  • Tables: Standard judging size.  I will need a chair to sit in occasionally as I do have a brace on one leg which is shorter.
  • Meals:  All meals during the show.  I would also like to have some Diet Coke (Caffeine free) and/or Zephryhills water. 
  • Time: I don't mind staying more than one day for cheaper airline tickets.  I enjoy being around the show fanciers.

HISTORY I've judged two national shows. I've judged many youth show in my state.  I've judged shows in Florida, Georgia, New York, California, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, and Arizona. I'm known as a 'teaching judge'.

If you're interested in hiring me, you can get a hold of me by email or by phone. You can also contact me by postage (see below). 


Fountain Pen, Writing

Postage address:
                Nancy Peyton 
                       54034 Cornelia Ct
Callahan, Florida 32011
(904) 879-0405
Email address:
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.