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Carrousel Caviary was first established in 1973 in Jacksonville, Florida.  In the 1980s, I held the titled for the best long hairs in the southeast.  In 2000, I moved to Callahan, Florida, north of Jacksonville, where I am now breeding and showing short hairs and long hairs.   I've come along way since then, I'm currently a licensed judge and registrar.  It's been a rewarding experience for me throughout these years.  Allow me to share this fascinating hobby of mine with you. 

Hi, welcome to my caviary web site of Enchanted Cavies.  My name is Nancy Peyton.   

Visit my Pets page and see some of my wonderful guinea pigs. I also have a Judging page, in case you want to see what my fees are.  Visit my Link page to some of my favorite sites, some of them have great medical advice, well needed for your archives.  Enjoy your visit, you're in for a surprise. 

I don't just raise fancy guinea pigs, I have other interest as well.  I'll list some of these other hobbies on my About Me page.  Drop by and take a look.  You're going to be surprise.   

What's New?

PHOTO PAGE:  Here's some pictures of my fancy cavies.  Some are Grand Champions.  I enjoy both short haired and long haired cavies.


This is my TSW Peruvian boar named "C My New Beginning".  He's a long haired breed and has won 2  championship legs (he needs one more to become a Grand Champion).  This coat continues to grow all his life.  Many have been shown at our national shows with 2 foot long hair or longer.  It grows almost a foot a year.  It's amazing to see these long haired guinea pigs on a show board at our local shows here in Florida.  I'm very proud of him.  He has now produced me lots of babies worthy of his highest honors. 

You just can't have one!

If interested in obtaining any of my stock, please contact me at: Thank you.