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North Florida Cavy Fanciers

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Hi, and welcome to our site.  We're so glad you dropped in.  What are we?  We're a fancy guinea pig club with members from far across the southern regions of our country.  We were the second cavy club established in our state and we're still kicking up our heels with educational displays and shows.  We have a lot of things to offer our membership.   


"The Pig Scoop"
We have a fascinating newsletter that comes out quarterly each year (or two double issue).  We've published over 87 issues filled with special interest articles, cartoons, jokes, raising tip, show suggestions, and health advice; all surrounding these furry little creatures we call a, "cavy" (guinea pig).  This newsletter is for the novice at heart or professional exhibitors.  Would you like to have a FREE issue?  Check out our Newsletter page for more information.  Your going to love it. 

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